We offer training to raise awareness of inequalities and discrimination; support groups and individuals to gain skills, knowledge and confidence; build capacity and strengthen organisations; build networks and promote action and change.

Based on popular education, our training is participatory and experiential. It starts with the participants’ experiences and weaves in different dimensions of life: personal, group, community and wider society. Learning happens in a safe atmosphere of respect and openness, where participants can discuss their issues and learn from each other.

Some programmes are initiated by us, while others respond to invitations by organisations wanting to address specific challenges or priorities. All are tailored to the group’s particular needs and characteristics. Click below for more information in previous courses and workshops. If you want to request a specially designed workshop, we will work with you to design a training process that meet the needs of your group. We work across all sectors: grassroots, community, voluntary, statutory, private and academic.

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Awareness Training

working with education professionals

‘I have learned so much today about the issues facing asylum seekers and feel inspired to go back to my school and share what I have learned to enable a greater awareness within both teaching staff and pupils. Particularly enjoyed opportunity for open discussion around issues. Thank you!’