community development

We work with people who are socially or politically marginalised, who suffer discrimination or social injustice and want to make changes in their lives or communities. We aim to support groups and strengthen organisations in their process of building stronger and more resilient communities.

We are guided by the principles of popular education in our community work. This means we follow an action-reflection-action process, starting with people’s own experiences. We promote spaces for people to articulate their experiences, identify common concerns, gain skills and act together. Relationships between facilitators and participants are horizontal and processes respond to the needs and aspirations expressed by the groups.

We help facilitate group building processes for refugee and asylum seekers and support grassroots women’s groups who want to develop a vision and reflect on their goals and how to get there in practical terms. For examples, see our projects and training resources.

"Liberation is a praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it."

Paulo Freire